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Online Blackjack Tournaments Guide

Many different casinos offer Blackjack tournaments to get players playing through the quieter periods and of course they can be fun! It is always good, however, to make sure that you familiarise yourself with the tournament rules and any other important details before you begin.

How do Black Jack Tournaments Work?

Unlike traditional Blackjack games where players play against the Dealer, Tournaments allow players to compete with one another which adds a new dimension of fun and excitement. Each player is assigned to a table and starts with the same bankroll - players will play for a specified time period or number of hands, and the winner with the most money at the end of the tournament wins! Different table winners then come together to compete in the final.

What is the Tournament Entry Fee?

Most Casinos charge a player entry fee which is returned to the players in the form of prizes. This information is available from the Casino itself and will also feature details about the amount of the prize pool, the number of players the prize pool is based on and the entry fee. The 100% return tournaments are the ones to look out for! If you are unsure, always ask your Casino marketing manager.

Blackjack Tournament Strategy

Different tournament players abide by different strategies: some place large bets from the outset in an attempt to get an early lead in the round and others prefer to place more conservative bets and bet big if it's necessary. The second strategy is often the most advisable.

Try to make sure that you know roughly how many chips your opponents have during each round so that you have some idea as to whether you are behind or infront of the leader. If you are lagging behind, try to bet bigger and estimate how much you'll need to win to catch up. If you're in the lead, you can match the bets of the players trying catch up with you.

The last hands are the most important - how you bet on whether you will be betting first or last and whether you're behind or ahead. Most tournament players take the all-or-nothing approach and will make the maximum bet on the last hand if that is what it will take to win the round. If you must bet first and if one of your opponents can catch you by making the maximum bet and winning the hand, then you should also make a maximum bet. If no one can catch you by putting all their chips on the last hand and winning, then make the minimum bet. The best position to be in is to bet last on the final hand. This gives you a chance to see how much your opponents bet and calculate how much bankroll they would end up with assuming they win the final hand. Based on that, you would need to bet enough to end up with more money assuming you also win the final hand.

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